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Performance Development Consulting Corporation (PDCC) Industrial Engineering Services.

The Industrial Engineering Services cover refined work measurement where labor cost is a critical item.

These services utilize a combination of current technology and older technology. The current technology utilizes video (iPhone) with the Coaches Eye application – Pro version by Techsmith. The older technology is a predetermined method time system, Methods Time Measurement (MTM-1). A description of the process follows:

  • Develop and document a workplace layout for each operation showing motion distances.
  • Videotape an experienced person performing the operation using an iPhone with the Coaches Eye application – Pro version by Techsmith.
  • Analyze the video using Coaches Eye – element by element with elapsed seconds showing on the video. The times are accurate to .01 second.
  • Identify waste if present and note on the analysis. This usually represents methods improvement opportunities.
  • Combine several series of work elements into work segments. The number of segments is dependent on the length of time required to complete the operation.
  • Analyze each work segment utilizing MTM-1 and compare the video elapsed time per segment with the MTM-1 analysis times. These comparisons identify the pace that the person performing the operation is actually achieving. The MTM-1 pace is the day rate pace that can be reasonably expected from the average, experienced person with good skills and effort to produce an outcome of acceptable quality.

Summarize the results of the study for management review.

This process is designed to minimize the cost of work measurement consulting services while providing high-quality outcomes.  The resulting videos may be used as work instructions or for training purposes.




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